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You Can Make It Fit

The cities of Carmel and Westfield, and Clarian North Medical Center, are pleased to announce the Make It Fit Now wellness challenge. Make It Fit Now is a progressive, self-directed health program designed to help Carmel and Westfield residents and employees build toward a healthy lifestyle. To aid participants in their quest, the challenge incorporates a 12-week plan, screenings, educational opportunities, a variety of key health resources, classes and seminars, and other free health events.

A healthier lifestyle is just around the corner. Join the Challenge today -- you can make it fit into your busy schedule. After registering, check out the Schedule for upcoming events. The Health Education section also provides invaluable resources to help you meet your goals.

Today is the first day for the new you. You're a very busy person, but you can make it fit. And the cities of Carmel and Westfield -- together with Clarian North -- are here to support you on your journey!

Check back often for more detailed Health Education and an updated Schedule of events.